The List: 2015

  1. Wake up at 6am everyday.  [ Was intermittently successful.]
  2. Run a 10k race. [Improvement, not enough to run 10k]
  3. Cook at least one meal a day. [Done!]
  4. Read four books in Marathi. [Some reading done, but intermittent]
  5. Become a confident cyclist. [Lost momentum after summer]
  6. Become a fluent German speaker. [Some improvement]
  7. Complete 10 Toastmasters speeches. [Completed 3]
  8. Become an expert in Python. [Able to code regularly]
  9. Get a driver’s licence. [Nothing done!]
  10. Take an oil painting class. [4 paintings done with self-study, but class was full]
  11. Write 50,000 words. [20716]

The conclusions: Will drop the cooking, Toastmasters and Python for next year.  For waking up, the only thing that was helpful was external accountability.  Will keep working on this.


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