Review of new productivity tools

Momentum is a shiny new minimalist habit tracking app for OS X that can sync with your phone (and watch).  Tracking more than three habits needs you to purchase the upgrade (which I will consider as the year progresses.)  For now, I am tracking three, work-related habits viz., do I meet the boss every day (to improve my work visibility), my daily reading of one article (and making notes), and whether there was any “Deep Work” done today.  It sits discreetly in the bar on top and can be configured to skip certain days and give reminders.

The second app, is Timey which provides a stopwatch that sits in the menu bar.  This is to track the amount of time spent on deep work with the idea being to see how much I get by the end of the year.  The good: a single click or a keyboard shortcut to start and stop.  The bad: right click resets the stopwatch (most menubar apps reserve the right click for the dropdown menu). So I need to remember not to right click or I lose the nice big number I’ve accumulated.  There is an ugly icon on the side that serves as a drop-down menu and doesn’t fade on the secondary monitor like the rest of the menubar.



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