Adding Evernote into the mix

I’ve written before about my tracking setup and HabitRPG.  Now I’m adding Evernote to the mix!

In the last few months, my use of HabitRPG has become fixed.  There have been quite a few improvements — including moving the annoying rewards to the bottom and a dedicated iOS app release.  This has meant the retirement of my calendar tracking system completely.  Although I regret not having the extra information that the calendar setup provides, the stat-taking doesn’t don’t suffer when I am travelling.

It’s been a while that I knew that my Things setup was not ideal for tracking research projects due to the lack of clear cut “next actions”.  Moreover, documenting every day’s progress seems a more useful tool to stay on track than the next actions.  So I have, in spite of David Allen’s assertion that there is no difference between “work” and “life”, decided to move all my research-related projects to Evernote.   All my “work errands” still remain in Things — tasks like submitting forms, emailing people, registering for conferences etc.  But the actual research projects are no longer there.  This also removes quite a lot of clutter from the next actions and I suspect will actually improve the usability of Things.

The only wish I have now is the ability to export the Things next actions list into HabitRPG’s tasks so I can get points for completing tasks.  That would be fantabulous!

So here is the current setup:

Main task manager: Things
Research manager: Evernote
Daily tasks/habits: HabitRPG

Deletions: I’ve gotten rid of the physical calendar and the post-it notes.

Reviews: Daily posts reg. research progess + weekly review and research summary post  + bi-weekly family review.